Awakening Inner Guru

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The Flow of Vital Energy in the Body

“When our chakras, the energy wheels are clear of obstructions, the body and mind remains healthy and happy. If there are obstructions or distortions in the flow of energy radiated from any of the wheels, the body and mind becomes imbalanced, and diseases result. Wrong food and lifestyle, bad postures, stress, anxiety and other negative emotions block the energy channels. When energy can not flow freely along a channel, we experience it as a physical disease or mental distress. Flow is the nature of energy; flow is another name of life. The Bishudhhi chakra or the energy vortex situated near the larynx is a wonderful purifier of energies and can transform toxic or disharmonious vibrations in to pure ones. — Excerpt from the bookAwakening Inner Guru” by Banani Ray and Amit Ray (This material is copyrighted, and published by permission from Inner Light Publishers)


Flow is the nature of energy; flow is another name of life. ~ Banani Ray