Awakening Inner Guru

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Awaken Your Inner Guru

What does it mean to awaken your inner Guru?

Awakening Inner Guru

Awakening Inner Guru

Awakening Inner Guru will change your whole perception of reality as you will know how to harness the awesome power that is within you. This book is going to teach you some of the most powerful knowledge made available to mankind and some of the most powerful techniques to unleash your inner power. While the message is simple, learning it requires patience and a sincere commitment. Once you are committed to the journey, you will discover who you really are. You will discover that we really are beings of love, light and power, though we are moving through this magical universe like little blind mice, totally unaware how infinitely magical the universe is, how all things are so deeply interconnected, and how we are here to live, love and celebrate our godliness.

Sometimes when we have experienced a little glimpse of the our inner nature, we become “spiritual”, but we are normally afraid to delve deeper within. We become afraid of the depth of our being, of the energy of love that we fear will make us vulnerable. Awakening Inner Guru is the manual to help you break your eggshell that has provided you a small but secure place,-a comfort zone to hide in the slumber of ambiguity. Once you are out of your ego-cage, it is up to you which direction you will fly, how far you will fly, how high you will soar.

The wisdom it teaches will contradict thousands of years of false beliefs and religious brainwash. And chances are that most people around you will have no idea of what this means. Awakening inner guru will really lead you to awakening to the truth of who you are. The more people are aware of this inner essence they carry, the more beautiful the world will be, because this awakening will generate a deeper appreciation of our inherent oneness. An awakened mind radiates and shares a joy that comes from letting go of the ego and identifying completely with Spirit. Would you like to join us in this journey? By joining this journey of awakening your inner Guru, you will be part of a collaborative venture of undoing the ego and learning to live a fulfilling life that is truly inspired. Every moment will be a gift, an invitation to extend the Love that we are.

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Love, light and Peace.